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So what’s a badger worth? And why aren’t the costs to people who value wild badgers being included in the Government’s decisions on bovine TB control? … Read the full article »


The latest round of badger culls is now well under way in England although there is little credible science or public support to justify the Government’s continuation of its industry-led cull. ... Read the full article »


Badgers get a lot of bad press and not just in recent times.  So much so that it’s easy to lose sight of the quintessential badger – a shy nocturnal mammal … Read the full article »


It’s a while since we’ve read anything in the news quite as entertaining as Owen Paterson’s recent tirade against the ‘Green Blob’ (the one wot done him in). ... Read the full article »

Guest Articles

Why we should care about independent monitoring of the badger cull

© Chiara Tomaini Independent monitoring allows us to assess how well governments are delivering on policies and use of public funds and thus to hold them to account. Given the many failures of last year’s government-designed, farmer-led badger culls, independent monitoring of this year’s culls is essential. ... Read the full article »

Wild thoughts

Bristol March 2013 Repeat after me: ‘Badgers are overrunning the country, they’re destroying farmers’ livelihoods, and they must be culled’. This contemptible fairy tale is central to the Government’s wholly underhand campaign to force the badger cull on an unsuspecting public. It works on the basis that if MPs and farming unions repeat […] ... Read the full article »

What You Can Do

badgerlogo3-w-flowerIf you can do just one thing to help stop the cull, then please write to your MPs – again and again 

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If you can do more, please support or join the badger patrols or groups in your area 

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