Wildlife Trusts badger cull infographic

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Walking For Badgers: the Somerset Badger Patrols

Joining the night patrols organised by Somerset Badger Patrol or Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting is one legal way to register your protest against the badger cull. ... Read the full article »

The acceptance of wildness

Alasdair Cameron
Boar & Landscape
The English badger cull could begin any day. Meanwhile, another species, the wild boar is also at risk of an imminent cull. Writer and environmental campaigner Alasdair Cameron explains why the battle to save the badger from irrational scapegoating is ultimately about much more than this one species. ... Read the full article »

Stand Up for Badgers

Powerfully narrated by Anthony Head and set to a popular sound track by Primal Scream, this short, sweet, poignant film asks us to open our eyes, come together and do something about the government’s plans to kill thousands of wild badgers across England. ... Read the full article »

Nightwalking in Somerset

The Somerset Badger Group’s Nightwalks are a peaceful way of demonstrating against the badger cull. Some 200 people joined the last walk on 8th June including a member of Badgergate. ... Read the full article »

Public opinion

The pilot badger culls have begun and public opposition to the badger cull is at an all time high. The H.M. Government e-petition against the cull has been trending with over 500 new signatures an hour. At the time of writing, over 283,000 people had signed the petition. This makes […] ... Read the full article »

What you can do

Please help make a difference. This is about much more than badgers – it’s about how we choose to live with nature.  The pilot badger culls in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset have begun again, but the debate about the Government’s approach and its plans for rolling out culling more widely […] ... Read the full article »